African In Connected Struggle Against Water Privatization

Every human has a fundamental right to safe water. This universal truth is rooted in the unique role that water plays in the daily lives of people; from the most basic use of water to its broader significance which shapes our socio-cultural needs, including the performance of religious and cultural rites such as ablution, baptism, and traditional festivals centred around the sanctity of water.

When this human right is not fulfilled and protected, people pay the price. People pay with their health, women and girls pay by sacrificing  formal education in order to procure water, and people even pay with their lives. Unfortunately, there is an entire industry that aims to exploit our  water need for  profit only.

African Communities in Solidarity Against Water Privatisation, the 2022 Africa Week Against Water Privatization will focus on the connected struggles of African communities to actualise their right to water and fend off water privatisers.

Africa Week of Action 2022

African Communities in Solidarity
against Water Privatization

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Report: Africa Must Rise & Resist Water Privatization

A deep dive into the threats of the water industry taking over systems across Africa and the ways that people have successfully fought back.


Focusing on community engagement while also pilling pressure on industry and in-country governments

Day 1

11th October, 2022

Joint Virtual Activity

Country Time
Cameroon 12 PM
Gabon 12 PM
Ghana 11 AM
Kenya 2 PM
Mozambique 1 PM
Nigeria 12 PM
Senegal 11 AM
Uganda 2 PM

Day 2 - Day 4

12th – 14th October, 2022

In-Country Activities

Community Parliament (Cross-cutting)

Each country will organise a broad community water parliament in a nature of townhall.

Community Parliament (Cross-cutting)

Visibility, trend table target and message spread through the duration of the Week of Action.

Optional actions (to choose from, depending on country’s context)

S/N Action Description
1 Press briefing Organise in-country press briefing/conference putting campaign against water privatisation on the front burner
2 Parliament visits (legislative advocacy) Petition to government officials at the legislature to abandon the pursuit of privatisation and instead enact policies which uphold the human right to water Advocacy/pressure visits to country parliaments
3 Executive visits (system engagements) Meeting with in-country decision makers / water utility stakeholders to register community opposition to privatisation and call for public alternatives to be pursued
4 Petitions Written petitions to government officials to abandon pursuit of privatisation and instead enact policies which uphold the human right to water)
5 Rallies For countries where rallies and street marches are currently possible, rally or march event with t-shirts and placards against water privatisation and specific in-country threats against human right to water.
6 Press releases (Articles, News bits, interviews, OPED)Press releases (Articles, News bits, interviews, OPED) Articles in the media detailing local scoping research or instances of water injustice, including TV and radio interviews.


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Images of Our Water Our Right Actions

Kenyan communities say no to water privatization
Kenyan communities say no to water privatization
Ending in apothéose of Africa water week célébration a SYNATEEC head office.
Ending in apothéose of Africa water week célébration a SYNATEEC head office.
Lagos Community Parliament action
Lagos Community Parliament Action Prayer Session
Hon. Tosin Onamade on behalf of the community presenting the community's demand to the Lagos State government,
People of Amodi in Awgu LGA of Enugu, Nigeria
With the President General of Amodi Mr. Arinze Obasi
Abayomi addressing the community members in Abuja
The People of Adamawa Community, Nigeria


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